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Most Kills
01 brocorri 297 Kills 125 Deaths
02 Doctore 214 Kills 240 Deaths
03 I Has Fists 172 Kills 90 Deaths
04 Daruku 158 Kills 87 Deaths
05 Abusive 135 Kills 80 Deaths
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Welcome to Elaria Woon Reloaded!
75x/75x/25x | 10x Boss Gears
1x MvP Cards

The team will focus on bringing unique and balanced game play
through a pre-renewal and mid rate medium.
With frequent updates, our cosmetic focused donation shop,
an active and friendly game master team and plenty of content to explore, you will surely enjoy your time. Our extended BG system, Ultimate Guild System, Soul Sacrifice System, Restock Systerm, various quests and more PvE content is showcased in our wiki.

Don't hesitate and join us now!